Sanat Varagh Arian Pazh (private limited company) with the registration number 10019 within the area of 55 thousand square meters and a nominal capacity of 310 thousand tons per year based on next to WASCO in Neyzar industrial zone in Qom province.
costumer’s order is located This company has been active in producing super quality cut & corrected steel production, producing and distributing specialized profiles and tubes for automotive and other unique industries(development plan) along with providing technical, trading, and transportation services.
Sanat Varagh Arian Pazh has set its policies toward focusing on the maximum customer‘s satisfaction for achieving desirable share of high quality coil, sheet and striped steel market demand in automotive, house appliances, pipe & profile, barrel, and packing, shelving, galvanizing, coating, and tinplating industries.
This company proudly announces that is capable of all producing-trading activities including super quality inspecting, correcting, packing, washing surface pollution with oiling (costumer’s request), labeling, material and products tracing, longitudinal cutting (bar slitting), transverse cutting (sheets), with synchronic longitudinal and transverse cutting capability, lightening, recoiling, sheet tension and elongation correction under instant inspecting and quality controlling using material and production lab equipments offering codes for packing quality improvement. In addition to above mentioned with improvement of poor quality grade sheets, exporting and importing, selling and buying and distributing different kinds of steel coils and sheets, super quality profiles and tubes, providing logistic and storage facilities under covered stores over 6.5 Thousand square meters with a capacity of ten thousand tons storing has stepped toward its aims. In addition, financing, credit and raw material beside selling famous steel company’s production specially WASCO has made us enough reliable to provide other companies and the owners of industries with all kinds of activities such as production, business, financial& servicing and developing ties with other colleagues in the field of steel industry in our beloved country.